Dr. John Rowen attends and speaks at conferences all over the world where the best and brightest in the field address advanced techniques. He has a passion for anatomy, and has read extensively on the subject and taken numerous cadaver courses to enrich his practice.

He is also an authority on duplex ultrasounds, which he has been performing for the last 20 years to diagnose and treat varicose veins, and used regularly in the emergency room to diagnose various illnesses and injuries. In 2018, he began exploring the use of ultrasound imaging for facial aesthetic procedures.


Duplex ultrasounds and facial anatomy:
To see what lies beneath your skin, pure and simple

The use of ultrasound imaging enables the mapping of your face’s anatomy in real time to help guide needle injections.

Prior to injecting a patient with dermal filler, it is therefore important to precisely determine where the blood vessels are located in order to prevent serious side effects. Ultrasound-assisted injections render the procedure a lot safer.

As a result, dermal filler injections no longer need to be performed blindly. Once patients understand this, it’s been our experience they will typically ask whether a duplex ultrasound will be used to administer the injection.

Dr. Rowen is among the first in Canada to offer ultrasound-assisted injectable treatments. Certified by the Cutaneous Group, he also teaches the procedure.